One Lgo

Since 2006 One Skateboard Co has been about pushing what is capable on a skateboard and utilizing skateboarding as a way to make a difference in communities!

One Skateboards is second to none in this area as they have successfully organized and run non profit inner city afterschool skateboard programs, contest series, fundraisers for skate parks and various charities throughout the years. One Skateboards was instrumental in developing various skateboard technologies and the first nationwide touring Skateboard Science touring program in 2011-2012 that teaches students concepts in physics through skateboarding.

Our team is made up of individuals of various backgrounds who all bring something different to the team. Whether they are at the local spot, park or performing at an arena show our riders have a true love of skateboarding and are all about getting you psyched on it too!

Welcome to One Skateboard Company


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