AJ Kohn

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AJ is the veteran of the Pro team and is known as a top professional modern Freestyle skateboarder who mixes all forms of skateboarding together. A true hybrid style that was ahead of the curve as many of the tricks AJ did 10-20 yrs ago are starting to get notoriety today with a new generation of skaters. 

A true professional in all senses of the word as he not only promoted skateboarding through organizing / MCing skateboard events but also through his work outreaching to inner city youth, performing assemblies and teaching skate clinics all over the world, mentoring /coaching up in coming amateurs and current top professionals in all forms of skateboarding. 

In addition to all of this he is an Industrial Design Engineer who designed and built  toys / trade show booths / stage sets / skate parks as well as tested and help develop technology for the Skate / Surf and Snow industries.


MAtheus Navarro

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One of the nicest and most humble skaters you will ever meet.

Matheus is one of the top modern competitive Freestyle skateboarders in the world! Winning Brazilian titles and placing top 10 in every International contest he enters. He also skates street and is an accomplished photographer and ping pong champion in his home of Brazil. We are proud to have him apart of what we do here at One! 

Check out his 1st Pro Model!



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USA / India

Arjun brings tweaked out style and originality to everything he skates. He is also one of the great comeback stories. After suffering a fully blown out knee and botched surgery everyone thought he was done! 

Not only is the knee fixed and better than ever, Arjun's skating is as well! Being sponsored since age 15, Arjun has skated all of the country and various parts of the world with some of the biggest names, winning and placing top 5 in all regional contests. Arjun also does school tours about Health and Wellness as well as science all on a skateboard, various demo tours  he was more then ready to finally turn Pro!